Melissa Maulini

Founder & Social Media Strategist

It all started when I moved from Miami, Florida to Charlotte, North Carolina. Small businesses such as unique restaurants, clothing boutiques and coffee shops were growing and opening in Charlotte. I had a passion for lifestyle and fashion, and could not contain my excitement on wanting to share my experiences. I followed local fashion and food bloggers on social media just to see what fun businesses were opening soon, and which local spots I had to visit next!

While working part-time and full-time for local small businesses over the past 5 years in Charlotte I quickly grew a passion for social media and marketing. Throughout this time I worked in retail and sales which than led me to research more about social media, and the benefits it has on hyperlocal and national brands. I decided to start my own blog in 2017 and was able to meet with influencers local to Charlotte, and see how they collaborated with different brands. This jumpstarted my idea behind Maulini Creative Co.

Small businesses can make a huge impact on our community, and they should be acknowledged not just locally but on a national level as well! It all starts with your marketing strategy! I hope that in whatever capacity I can help with your business, we are able to reach you goals!